Nora + Mike


I tend to get a little anxious before each session. This session was a little different for some reason. I remember calling my husband and crying because I was SO NERVOUS! You would have thought it was my very first session EVER. Nope. I’m sure by this point I’ve shot upwards of almost 200 sessions, which isn’t that many, but enough not to be THIS NERVOUS. After much prayer and some sweet words of encouragement from the hubs, I felt a bit better about it all. I knew that everything was going to be just fine.

well…I was RIGHT!! This session has absolutely topped my all time favorite photography sessions list. Not only because of the location (which I’ve used before) BUT THESE TWO AMAZING HUMANS!! Nora and Mike are some of the sweetest people. It doesn’t hurt that they LOVE The Office just as much as I do. I think we spent 15 minutes in the car quoting some of our favorite lines from random episodes. I couldn’t be MORE thrilled to photograph their wedding day in October. It seriously can’t get here hast enough.

So…enough chatting. Let’s get to my favorite images from our time together…