Caroline | Downtown Dallas, Texas


It's always refreshing when you can grab a friend and go make some fun, rad photographs, and that's exactly what I did about a month ago with Caroline on the streets of Downtown Dallas! She has the BEST Madewell style you ever did see, and has the greeniest green thumb that would make any person who can't keep a plant alive to save their life jealous! That sentence was a grammatical nightmare, but you get the point! 

We had a great time traveling the streets of Dallas, Texas together and it's an added blessing that we made it out alive considering a ran a few red lights! Whoops!! I walked away from our portrait session so encouraged by her! We had lost touch for a bit, but you would have never know it! I thank the Lord for such wonderful friendships He brings into my life, and at JUST THE RIGHT TIME! Here are a few of my favorites from our time together in Dallas!!!

Jessi Gibson