I'm Jess.

the journey

When my son was born, 5 years ago, I became one of those annoying moms who took pictures of him every second of the day. Posting them on every social media sight imaginable thinking that everyone cared as much as I did that he ate his first serving of green peas. Yep. I was THAT mom. I was hooked. A few years after that, a generous and most kind individual gave me my very first DSLR camera. From that point on, I have put blood, sweat and tears into learning it and honing my craft. I will always be grateful for the ability to capture special moments in people's lives and it is one my most favorite things to do. I enjoy telling stories through my camera lens. My job is not just about taking pictures of you, but connecting with you, and in turn becoming lifelong friends.

i met Dustin over two years ago

and you know what? they've been the BEST years of my life


dustin is  

my best friend, my soulmate, my rock, my confidant, my favorite travel partner, the best cuddler, my shoulder to cry on, my strength, the best father,

an incredible listener, loyal, the most loving person, kind, generous, the best prankster, the most handsome, patient and most important...MINE!!!

"i wish i'd met you sooner, so i could love you longer."

things i love


jesus | my husband | my son | sour skittles | taking pictures | comfort food |

cuddling with my husband | little debbie's | diet root beer | laughing til i cry | 

date nights | hiking | fishing with my love | day trips | swimming | netflix |

 board games | re-finishing old furniture | summertime | fresh cut flowers  

what i'm all about

i like those messy moments. those moments where the wind catches your hair just the right way. the moments when you think no one is looking or paying attention. those in-between moments where you're running your fingers through your child's hair or you're so lost in each other's love that nothing can interrupt it. i like for my clients to trust me completely and be willing to get a little adventurous during our time together. if you're wanting those posed pictures where everyone is looking at the camera with their biggest smile, then we might not be the best fit, and that's okay. hiring a photographer is a big deal so i'm all about making sure you find the right one for you. so...if you're down to get a little mud on your shoes, let the wind blow through your hair without a care in the world and belly laugh with me at all my crazy knock-knock jokes, then by george, i think we might be a great fit.

 be friends with me...